Organic Beef supplier Canberra, Dickson

Lost River Produce is a family run business, delivering farm fresh beef, lamb, chicken and pork straight from the farm to your fork. Lost River Produce was established by Phillip and Rebecca McCormack. Phillip and Rebecca created Lost River Produce to meet the continuing demands for farm fresh meat, our company guarantees quality and consistent meat each and every time you purchase.

The animals are grass-fed and we do not use artificial growth hormones or antibiotics our animals are stress free.

Lost River Produce’s farm is operated by Phillip and Rebecca McCormack and located in Crookwell, NSW, about 75 minutes from Dickson. The farm is where the business of producing premium quality meat begins and where livestock is prepared to ensure a fantastic end product for customers. Phillip and Rebecca are the 5th generation to farm his family farm, which he has built into a farm supplying premium quality meat.

Lost River Produce has two retails store located in Crookwell NSW and Dickson ACT.